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»  Holy Redeemers Higher Secondary School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Stella Mary's Girls High School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Samariah St.John's Higher Secondary School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Regal English School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Samariah T.D.T.A elementary school,Tisaiyanvilai
»  R.C. Primary school,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Sri Rama Krishna Higher Secondary School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Hindu Primary School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Daniel Thomas Matriculation School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Jairajesh Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Muslim elementary school,Tisaiyanvilai
»  T.D.T.A Elementary School,Jothinagaram,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Union Elementary School,Shanmugapuram,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Noble Elemantary School,Nandhankulam,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Malaviha Kendra School,Tisaiyanvilai
»  T.D.T.A Middle School,Madachambadu,Tisaiyanvilai
»  T.D.T.A Middle School,Keeraikaranthattu,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Lions Matriculation School,Tisaiyanvilai


»  VV College of engineering,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Jeyanthinadhar ITI ,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Community College,Appuvilai,Tisaiyanvilai
»  Joan of arc community college,Tisaiyanvilai


†  Shanthi Hospital,Main Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Lazarus Hospital,udangudi road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Karpagam Hospital,Main Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Rajan Hospital,Udangudi road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  A.D.J Hospital,Main Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Chitambaram Hospital,Navaladi Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Thahir Hospital,Main Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Ramana Hospital,navaladi Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Singaravelu Hospital,MainRoad,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Jeya Sudha Hospital,Main Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  St.Marys Hospital,Udangudi road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Paulkani Hospital,Udangudi road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Rose Children Hospital,Navaladi Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Ajith Hospital,Main Road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  P.H.C Government Hospital,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Kani Hospital,Udangudi road,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Rani Physiotheraphy,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Thiraviam bone and Joint,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Vimala Ayurvedic clinic,Tisaiyanvilai


†  Jeya Hospital,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Vinayaka Hospital,Tisaiyanvilai
†  Ganesh Hospital,Tisaiyanvilai
†  BalaMurugan Hospital,Tisaiyanvilai


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