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Famous people in Tisaiyanvilai

Dr.M.L.Asirvatham, father of our city.His contributions towards business, hospitals, education and transport made Tisaiyanvilai a great city. He is a lovable person by every one in Tisaiyanvilai. He was elected as a Panchayat President three times in Tisaiyanvilai. During his period he did lot more things to our city. Dr.M.L.Asirvatham is very close to the Great nation leader Mr.Kamaraj.


M.G.Muthu,Chairman and Managing Director of M.G.M Group of companies. He is the recipient of Chevalier, Doctor, Rashtriya Gaurav and Seva Ratna.The founder of MGM Dizee World . He had built a business empire by the way of giving job opportunities to 2000 people. With various business activities such as Amusement parks, Resorts, Chain of Restaurants, Distilleries, Breweries, Port Handling, Shipping etc.,

ADJ Chelladurai

ADJ Chelladurai, founder of SKJR Rice Mill, ADJ Transport, Jebamoni Transport, ADJ Offset, ADJ Rice Mill, ADJ Mini Bus service, Good Samaritan Offset, ADJ Chellam Transport , Jebamoni Roadways etc. He is a strong believer of christianity. He was elected as the Le-Secretary for Tirunelveli Diocese, in his period he helped many people.

S D Kovilpillai Nadar

S.Dharmakkan Kovilpillai Nadar the land lord of Tisaiyanvilai.Very kind hearted and religious.He helped poor people by donating free lands.SDK donated his lands to build schools, hospitals and also he helped to build churches like Pentecost church,Ratshanya senai church and also Samariah St.John's church.His grand son SDK Rajan,a great business magnet in Tuticorin.He was also elected as a Le-Secretary for CSI Tirunelveli Diocese.


Mr.C.Ramanathan,former president of Tisaiyanvilai. He is very active and hard working, he is the back bone of Tisaiyanvilai. Tisaiyanvilai power station, bus Depot, schools, hospitals were constructed with his help. He dedicated his life to the people in Tisaiyanvilai. He lived for others. He is very close to ADJ, MGM and SDK Groups.

V V Minerals

V V Minerals was established by the great land lord Mr.V .Subbiah Nadar of Keeraikaranthattu,Tisaiyanvilai. Now V V Minerals is owned by his son Mr.S.Vaikundaraj,he is a hard worker and he has received many more national awards for exports.V V Minerals export Granites and silicons which are used to manufacture electronic chips.V V Minerals export their products world wide.


Beach Mineral Company was established by Mr.S.Sugumar the next son of the Great land lord Mr.V.Subbiah Nadar of Keeraikaranthattu,Tisaiyanvilai. BMC exports Granites to many parts of the world. BMC has constructed a Himalayan shopping mall in Tisaiyanvilai. It includes more than 300 business spots.

Mr.J.Russel Sam

Mr.J.Russel Sam, well known drawing master in Tisaiyanvilai. He is a man of pious and he dedicated his life to help poor people. Mr.Russel Sam worked as a Drawing Master for CCM Higher secondary school in Idaiyangudi. He preached christianity to leprosy people and lead their life towards christianity.


EVA Computer Academy was started in 1985 by Mr.A.V.P.D.Maurice Devakaram. This is the first computer center in Tisaiyanvilai. Computer courses like C,C++,Unix,Lotus were taught in early 80's. Mr.Maurice Devaharam is a modern man who brought the technology to Tisaiyanvilai. In 1980's many people was not aware of computers but EVA Maurice made it simple by introducing his computer center in our city Tisaiyanvilai.


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